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Post by Maximilian on Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:22 pm

      WQ Username: DerpBacon
      Nicknames: Psychosocial, Jay

      Full Name: Maximilian Niko Caputo
      Nickname: Max—never addresses middle or last name
      Gender: male
      Age: 26 years old
      Species: gray wolf
      Dialect: American with a slight New York/Jersey accent
      Heritage: Italian-American with a bit of Austrian
      Occupation: part-time server of L&F
      Description: Once an aspiring musician, Max is now stuck in between a rock and a hard space, and so he has to turn to multiple jobs to keep himself afloat. Despite not being the biggest fan of his job, he's determined to keep it and exhibits a strong desire to keep patrons happy. He's a highly reserved individual and attempts to steer clear of others so that he doesn't step on their toes.
      Alignment: true neutral (somewhat bordering chaotic)

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