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Post by Lupin on Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:29 am

Lupin Bio  JlUP3Sp

Lupin Sterling DeCanis- "Lupe"
3 dog years | ♂ | 5'9.5" |
29 human years
Feral Ref | Human Ref
Entertainer and Co-Founder

A scroungy looking wolf with long, thin limbs and perpetual eye-bags, Lupin occupies himself with entertaining the patrons of L&F, and trying to abuse every possible substance he can get his paws on. He's a disproportional, disheveled mess, usually seen trying to find a good position for his awkward limbs, or pushing himself into a corner to smoke in peace. He uses bowties like a mood ring, and compliments them with matching hats, although his overall attempts to dress up for his job are sub-par. He smells like smoke, coffee, and irritability.

Lupin is naturally sarcastic and miserable, although he does make an attempt to be friendly and polite. He tries his best to hide it, but he can be rather emotional at times. His expressions vary mostly from tired to judgmental, and everything between. He has a tendency to talk too much when nervous or excited, to the point where the sheer amount of words, and his Brooklyn accent, cause his speech to turn into a jumbled mess.

He prides himself on his skills as a pianist, however, he also feels as if its the only talent he has. At L&F, Lupin both sings and plays the piano each night as part of the lounge's live music show, all the while dodging small candies that his friend Yas throws at him. He loves piano, but hates the paychecks. He dreams of pursuing a career as a private investigator, however his attempts to go into the PI business have all failed thus far. Along with his addictions, he also has a problem with stealing (mainly cigarettes and cheap snacks).

Likes: Smoking, coffee, piano.
Dislikes: Deep water, mostly everything else.

Trouble is my business

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