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Post by Treacy on Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:30 pm

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5'7" // 115 LBS // TRANS // GAY // REF SHEET // PLAYLIST


      His trademark features include a stupid toothy grin, a cocky voice, and a grossly obnoxious laugh. He's thin with minimal muscle definition and his fur is often scruffy and uneven, especially around his cheeks, head, and tail. Treacy's wardrobe consists of various different outfits and he's a big fan of bright colors, mesh shirts, 80's style patterns, and crop tops. As for shoes, he prefers DC high tops or he might just abandon shoes. A good majority of the time he has a cigarette in hand and maintains a posture that gives away the hint of narcissism in his personality. It isn't uncommon to see him with bruises and scrapes, whether these originate from skating, inciting a bar fight, or just being plain dumb.

      When he's not bumming around Lupus & Familiaris, driving through rich neighborhoods smashing mailboxes with his boyfriend, or attending numerous raves and house parties, Treacy is stuck working as a waiter and dishwasher at a high-end restaurant. It pays him decently enough to wear he can stay afloat and afford his one-bedroom apartment and still spend his money foolishly, but he hates it with a passion. Most of the customers are snobby, rude, and tip poorly, and Treacy repays them by spitting in their food and drinks. Despite being lazy and having accepted his lowly deadbeat status, he has dreams of owning his own record shop. He is an avid music fan, sometimes to the point of being insufferable about it.

      Treacy is, at best, entertaining to watch due to his loud personality and antics, but equally obnoxious, reckless, and has a knack for getting under other people's skin. He can't hold himself back from taking risks due to his thrill-seeking nature and that the sheer excitement is too much for him to pass up. Because of this and a talent for getting himself, and others, into trouble, he finds himself facing the consequences quite often, but he's never once learned from them. On top of all this, he thrives when he's at the center of attention and will go to foolish lengths to ensure that he is. Its particularly easy to get him involved in dares and bets, even when their outcomes may not be pleasant for him or others. He adores irritating people, getting a rise out of them if he can, and dodging swings aimed at him when he does. Every once in a while he'll get on the nerves of someone who's faster than he is and only then does he get what he deserves. Treacy is a notorious flirt and will hit on anything that moves, despite him being gay. He can't resist pursuing someone new and often gets caught up in brief flings, as commitment is too boring for him. His sense of humor is either lewd or obscure and won't make sense to anyone but himself.

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      hey my name's Atticus, I'm a 17 year old trans guy living in Florida. I'm friendly but I'm terrible at replying to messages, so if you ever try to contact me and it takes me a bit, that's why. I draw mostly animals and some other things, which you can see on my DeviantArt and FurAffinity accounts. I have 4 pet rats who I love to death and a boyfriend who I love to death and a dog who I love to death. I'm a big ol music fan and my favorite band is Animal Collective. also I'm Gay. that's all I can think of lmao


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