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Post by Nightra on Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:41 pm

Name: Nightra Hyuga

Age: 7 years (wolf) • 25 years (human)

Appearance: Feral • Anthro • Human (( welp guess new feral ref + anthro + hooman refs are now on my to-do list Laughing fun fun fun ))

Occupation: Waitress and after-hours cleaner (this part of her job being voluntary) under the employment of Lupus & Familiaris.

Description: One of so few words with a tendency to multitask, Nightra is a night owl who mostly keeps to herself and rarely speaks her mind to all but her closest friends and family. Despite her seemingly constant use of disapproving, judging or grumpy expressions honed from years of keeping Neam in line babysitting, she thinks on a neutral level and will put the effort into being friendly. Nightra enjoys listening to Lupin's piano performances whilst working.

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