Introducing Yas and Olive

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Introducing Yas and Olive Empty Introducing Yas and Olive

Post by Kittea on Wed Aug 02, 2017 11:42 pm

Name: Yas
Occupation: Part-time police officer, owner of L&F
Age: 25
Species: Snow leopard
Description: Yas flies helicopters for the police department on a part-time/volunteer basis, and spends most of her time off from that at the lounge. She has a rough friendship with Lupe often playing pranks and other physical gags on him such as throwing candies in his hat. She's quite proud of the lounge she's built and the small community that has developed of the regulars.

Name: Olive
Occupation: Manager
Age: 32
Species: North American river otter
Description: Olive works full time at L&F during the morning and lunch rushes. Strongly devoted to her customers and coworkers, she often stays after hours for performances and to chat with the regulars who stick around.

Now Introducing Gia!

Name: Giulietta, Gia for short
Occupation: Florist, nursing student, Yas' GF, and host of Frigay at L&F
Age: 22
Species: Red fox
Description: Quite the conversationalist, Gia will talk to anyone and everyone. She only sees the good in the world and wants to help everyone. She hosts Frigay pride nights at L&F. She'll probably give you a flower for no reason.

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